This could be a very busy weekend if you have more than one of these types of rooms.  I was lucky and when I did my declutter it landed on a long weekend, so I was able to start a bit of the work on  the Friday.  Keep this in mind as you go through these rooms.

Day 22 – How to Declutter Your Home Office

Decluttering your Home Office

Incentive to Declutter Your Office

Pictures to get you going

Day 23 – Organizing the Playroom

Decluttering the Playroom

Day 24 – Organizing Your Craft Room, Studio, Workshop

Decluttering your Studio

Decluttering your Workshop

Seeing Organized Results

Before and after pictures

Day 25 – Focus Your Organization For the Next Two Days

Declutter your Living Room

Declutter your Dining Room

Declutter your Media or Family Room

Day 26 – Keep Organizing

Pep Talk

Day 27 – Organizing Your Memories – Photographs

Organizing Photographs

Day 28 – Decluttering Your House

Looking at the work you’ve done…did anything get missed?


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