In many houses the kitchen is the most used room.  We wanted to do it early enough so that you could have a sense of accomplishment early.

Day 8 – Organizing the kitchen – One Cupboard at a Time

Cleaning out your fridge and freezer

Decluttering your Kitchen

Spice Shelves

Organizing your spices

Day 9 – Being accountable as I Organize My Home

Keeping yourself on track with decluttering

Day 10 – Deal With It Day

More work on the things you’re not sure about

Day 11 – The Next Three Days of Organizing Your Home

Decluttering your Bathrooms

Decluttering your Linen Closet


Too much food in your pantry?

Day 12 – Organizing Tips for Your Bathroom

Organizing tips

Day 13 – Recycling – The Pitfalls of Decluttering

Recycling in Calgary

Day 14 – Getting Ready for Organizing Your Home This Weekend

Decluttering your Bedroom

Cleaning out the clothes closet


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