Here we go, first week.  For this area you may have to work quickly if you are dealing with a large storage room or crawl space.

Day 1 – Get Sorting Your Storage Space

Decluttering your storage room or dumping room

Day 2 – Finishing Up the Storage Room

Pictures to motivate you

Day 3 – Dealing with Mondays

Making some hard decisions about things you’re not sure what to do with.

Day 4 – The Next Tasks

Decluttering your Front Entrance

Decluttering your Mudroom

Decluttering your Laundry Room

Decluttering your Hallways

Keeping it Organized – A Tool For You

Hand Held Printer

Day 5 – Small Jobs

Taking a job and making it into a bunch of little jobs

Day 6 – Getting Rid of Stuff

Questions from readers

Day 7 – Dealing with Things

Organizational tip

Weekend Two Starts Tomorrow!

Getting ready for the fridge, freezer, and kitchen


4 Responses to Week 1 of Decluttering

  1. I love how you have broken the decluttering of a home into 31 days. Less overwhelm if you look at it as taking on just one day at a time. Great idea.
    Thank you for all the great tips.

  2. The easiest way to declutter your home is to do it in a very small chunks. I found that 10 minutes a day can keep the clutter away. Thanks for your great weekly guide.
    Mohamed Tohami´s last blog post ..The Lazy Person’s Way To Declutter Your Home

  3. Karen Biko says:

    You are right….little baby steps each day can get you there!

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