I’ve had a couple more questions come my way as many of you are trying to organize your home and declutter, so here are some answers for you. Remember these organizing tips may not apply to everyone, but if they help you organize your life, mission accomplished.

1.  I have a set of wine-making equipment.  What do I do with that?

Answer – Sometimes you will have unusual things that you just don’t know what to do with.  There are lots of on-line services that you can use including many free internet sites for selling your stuff.  I use Kijiji quite a bit in my city.  But in your area Craig’s List might be more popular.  Even Facebook has a marketplace for you to sell your old treasures.  The aspect that I like about doing the sales on-line like this is that your buyers come to your house and take away the things you don’t want.  You will always get the odd person who wants you to deliver (but that is up to you).

I had a cheap mattress that I needed to get rid of.  It was in fairly good shape, but had an ink stain on it, so I put it on Kijiji for free.  I disclosed that it was cheap, and had a spot on it, but also pointed out it was free and someone came right away and took it off my hands!

2.  What do I do with an old stamp collection?

Answer – send them to me because I collect them.  Really, if it’s a good collection you can take them to be appraised and a stamp dealer may purchase it from you.  I get all sorts of collections that people started when they were kids.  Generally they aren’t worth very much if they are used stamps, but I do go through them and make sure they are cared for.  It’s a tough thing to collect stamps these days because everything is going electronic.  I love getting little envelopes of used stamps from people around me.


Check in your area where you can recycle light bulbs, electronics, batteries. Many of the big box hardware stores have recyling boxes for fluorescent bulbs and your office supply stores like Staples accept electronics for recycling. Sometimes drycleaners will accept your wire hangers.  I know it takes a bit more effort to sort through all the stuff to dispose of it properly, but that is a choice you need to make if you want to organize your home.  I’m pretty careful about this type of thing, and will make the time and take steps to do it right.

As always, keep your questions and emails coming in and if you have some experiences you would like to share (we love before and after photos!) please send them in! Otherwise keep following along, share this with others and as we all start to declutter our lives and homes we will all start to feel like we have an organized home.

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