In the spring, my mind turns to not only decluttering and clearing out my home, but also cleaning up and getting a breath of fresh air in my house.  A great project to get you going is to tackle that bedroom.  Sunday is perfect because it gets you ready for the week coming up […]

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It’s Monday morning and it’s time to get to work….but is your desk piled with papers so high that you’d rather just go back to bed??

Roll up those sleeves and get to it.  Here is a nice way to start off your Monday on the right foot, with a tidy desk, and a clear […]

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An Idea From a Reader

On March 9, 2011 By

The great part of having set up this site is some of the feedback I receive from friends, subscribers, and even occasional readers. The tips you keep sending are phenomenal and help make this endeavor worthwhile. So to get on to today’s idea here we go!

Today’s organizational/declutter your home tip came to me from […]

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The final edits are done and Michelle and I are are excited to announce our book is finally complete. To celebrate the launch and to thank all of our fans, we are introducing the book at a special discounted price. Just click on the book picture below to find out what this special price is […]

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You Can Subscribe Just to The Top Left of the Page

Michelle and I cannot believe it. We are in the final stages of having the last minute edits done, the final touchups and all the little tweaks that need to be completed. We’ve put together the video above just to […]

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Packaging Meat

On January 24, 2011 By

Here is some handy instruction on a great way to package meat to store in your freezer.  If you buy larger quantities of ground beef, it’s easy to divide it up into useful batches.

Get yourself some ziplock freezer bags.  Put the ground beef in the bag and then flatten it.  Yep, […]

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Opening up to Declutter

On January 8, 2011 By

The initial reason I started the Declutter Challenge was to work through my house at a reasonable pace and to write about it to help people.  But I was also helping me keep to the challenge of decluttering my house.

This can work for other people.  Go ahead and start your own blog about your […]

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