Get Organized To Start The School Year

Get organized for schoolI’m sure anyone with children knows the end of August and beginning of September start to become a blur. Between picking up the back to school items that are needed, to figuring out schedules, setting up playdates with new friends, after school events, it goes on and on!

At times it feels like too much!

That’s why it’s so important to get off to a good start and having an organized home is a great launching point. Knowing where new items need to go, helping old items out the door and trying to find places for everything in between is essential to helping start the school year strong.

So before that school year is suddenly upon you, now is a great time to take an afternoon, an evening or two or any time you can spare to start getting ready. Help your kids decide what they don’t need this year (but mom, Dora the Explorer backpacks aren’t cool now that I’m seven!) , go through some of the clothes that they continually seem to outgrow and get the school year off to an organized start.

Special Back To School Pricing

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