Here is some handy instruction on a great way to package meat to store in your freezer.  If you buy larger quantities of ground beef, it’s easy to divide it up into useful batches.

Get yourself some ziplock freezer bags.  Put the ground beef in the bag and then flatten it.  Yep, make it like a pancake.  Make sure you push the meat into the corners of the bag to prevent air pockets.

This system of flattening will help you remove excess air from the bag, but also make it easy to stack the meat in your freezer.  Always label the meat with what it is and the date.

The great thing about flattening the ground beef is that when you need to thaw it out, you can do it much faster.

Use the same kind of system for other kinds of meats.  Just make sure to pack it as tightly as possible as well as flattened.  If the zip lock bags are not big enough you can use other types of bags for storage.  Try cereal bags.  The nice thick plastic helps prevent freezer burn, and it’s a good way to re-use something that usually just gets thrown away.  Fold the bag around the meat and then secure it with masking tape or some elastics.

3 Responses to Packaging Meat

  1. Crystal says:

    I do exactly that with our ground meat (beef, turkey, deer). I use a rolling pin to help flatten it out, a trick my granny showed me years ago.

  2. Karen Biko says:

    That just goes to show you that those grannies had lots of good ideas. Just wait until I post something about ‘Gramma String’!!

  3. Selena says:

    Wow, you are so much like me. I had my living room floor cpmloetely cleared, vacuumed, and ready for the move, then I decided to go through a box of junk. Now I have multiple piles and no idea what to do with them. This happened two days ago, and I’m still looking at the piles.