It’s Monday morning and it’s time to get to work….but is your desk piled with papers so high that you’d rather just go back to bed??

Roll up those sleeves and get to it.  Here is a nice way to start off your Monday on the right foot, with a tidy desk, and a clear idea of what needs to be done NOW.

1.  First just go through your desk and pile all the papers together.  Move them in to one or two piles if needed.  Use the floor if it helps clear off the top of your desk.  Don’t sort them.  Just pile them quickly…keep your momentum going.

2.  Get a cloth and dust off, or wipe off the desk.  Remove any unnecessary trinkets keep your desk for work-related items only.   Okay, maybe a picture of the kids or hubby can stay.

3.  Start with a small pile of papers and go through each one.  What can you recycle, what can you do right away quickly, and what needs more time and attention.  If you can file something or put it away, then do that now.  It’s good to keep getting up and moving around when you are so energetic at the start of this sort.  If you have note that you are keeping for reference have a page or something on the computer that you can put that information.  I use Evernote.  It’s a great way to have all sorts of information at my fingertips without covering my workspace with post-it-notes.

4.  Have a pad of paper by your side to write down those bigger tasks that need more attention.  List them and then put them in a separate pile.  Once you have gone through your piles of paper, and hopefully they are diminished greatly, you can take a closer look at your list.  Pull out your highlighter and mark the tasks that are time sensitive or most important.

5.  Now start going through those highlighted items one at a time.  Start with the most immediate that you can get completed or on it’s way.  If it will take several steps to complete, you can make note of where you are at, so that when you come back to it you will remember what to do next.

Good luck and have a great Monday….



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