New years is coming and it’s time to get some things done to finish off 2010.  Starting fresh in the new year just feels right.  Get your house tidied up after Christmas, finish a few of those lingering projects that have been nagging at your mind.

I created my own tradition.  I always take my Christmas tree down before the start of the new year.  I always say “it’s bad luck to have your tree up twice in a year”.  This generally works very well for me, except the one year during a summer party some pesky friends put up my tree in the basement!!


New Year  –  New Start

Do you have time to go all out and clean up your house?  Starting the new year with a nice clean house is a jump-start to a great year coming up.  Perhaps its those nagging projects that you just haven’t had time to get to.  You have a couple more days before the start of the new year to get them completed, so add a sense of urgency to your task to help you finish.  Nothing like a deadline to get you going.

If you don’t have the time or energy to do a nice big clean, try one or two of these to get you started.

  • Empty all the garbage cans in the house (last years garbage gone!)
  • Pull out your appliances and vacuum behind them
  • Clean out your purse/wallet
  • Open all your mail and pay your bills
  • Change your bed linens (start of fresh for the new year)
  • Choose one room to do a nice deep clean
  • Change your furnace filter
  • Change the batteries in smoke detectors
  • Repair or dispose of one item that’s on your To-Do list

Look forward to a great new year with optimism and energy!  We will have lots more tips, tricks, and motivation to keep you on track for the year!

Happy 2011!!

3 Responses to Finishing the year with a Bang

  1. Brenda says:

    Perfect timing for this update! I am getting a cleaning bug and want to start the New Year off on a positive note.

  2. Karen Biko says:

    Well, all the bedsheets are in the washing machine, my daughter is having a shower, and I’m running around the house putting this away and dealing with that. My to-do list today is 18 items long…and that’s not including the things I find along the way.

    I will be ready to relax tonight. Goal planning and a bit of Rock Band maybe???

  3. Karen Biko says:

    All the garbage cans are emptied, and taken out, all the recycle is out, and I took the compost out….gettin’ ready!!