Michelle comes from a long line of task masters and list makers.  From a very young age she began organizing her own art supplies and toys in the ‘like with like’ fashion.  She found putting things in order made sense to her, and has maintained that attitude throughout her life.

Entering the professional world, Michelle rapidly gained responsibilities in every position she tackled, due to her ability to quickly assess and implement more efficient organizational systems.  Her Grandmother had always said “Only handle it once!” whenever there were things to organize and Michelle has remembered this and strives to implement the idea in more than just her own home.

Michelle began a side business, along with working full-time as an Executive Assistant for an accounting firm, as an organizational consultant.  She wrote articles for the Chestermere Anchor newspaper, and was consulted for an article in the Calgary Sun in January 2004.  In 2006 Michelle created her own company, Kennedy Ink, to assist a myriad of individuals to lead more effective and efficient lives.  From large Oil & Gas firms in downtown Calgary to small home businesses to wee crafting closets, Michelle empowers others to organize themselves and free their time for the more important things in life.  Although there are two branches of Kennedy Ink, the creative side and the professional administrative side, she finds organizing to be at the root of her success in both fields.

As the owner of Kennedy Ink, and a person happy with her ADD, Michelle has many irons in the fire and is constantly challenging her ideas of ‘being busy’.  Most days will find her jumping from editing and formatting office templates, creating new art, organizing client’s memory items, updating client’s websites, teaching PhotoShop Elements, learning more about photography and scheduling more sessions, assisting other start-ups with envisioning their futures, updating the books, researching new ideas, snuggling her puppy dog, contemplating doing more in the garden, being a simply fabulous Wife-Sister-Daughter-Auntie-Friend, and learning music theory for fun.

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4 Responses to About Michelle

  1. elaine mills says:

    You sound inspiring. I hope you can help me!

  2. admin says:

    I hope so too Elaine!


  3. HB says:

    I am new to 31days… I am wondering why the latest entries are over a year old!?!
    Your site & guidance seem fresh! Of course, that is because our topic is the same year in & year out with the exception of cheap Internet storage opportunities, handy cameras on our phones, screen savers, etc.
    But, thingikng that you & Karen and readers are real & live on the site seems of value. If you are current, please respond and help me understand why new comments are not showing.
    Thank you,

  4. Karen Biko says:

    Hi there Heather. I am in the process of writing an apology to my readers as my Artwork has moved to the top of my attention these days. I am glad you wrote in this comment…it just goes to show you that EVERYONE needs a kick in the butt now and again!

    Thank you….getting back on task

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