Organize Your Home With a Garage Sale

If you’ve completed your declutter and intend on having a Garage Sale, here are some videos and tips to help you along.

A popular trend these days is for communities to have a “Parade of Garage Sales”.  See if you can join in with one of these weekends.  It’s well worth the planning because the die hard shoppers will be stopping by.

Setting up the Garage


Call your neighbors and friends to see if you can borrow tables.  Or figure out how to make your own.  planks set on boxes and covered with table cloth work well.  (I was going to say old bedsheet, but you should have purged that out of your house already…right?!)

Zone out the garage and sort the sale items into categories (kids toys, dishes, tools, clothes, office supplies).  Then try to keep those areas together.

Get things you aren’t selling out of the garage, or cover them up.  Many times bargain hunters will start looking at the other stuff in the garage instead of the things you are selling.

Have items ready that you can pull out on the driveway.  This will draw your customers in.  If you keep it all in the garage, they will drive by slowly, looking; and decide not to come in because it doesn’t look like you have much.  The only exception to this is if it’s raining of course.

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  1. Thanks for the tips… one of these days I’ll be doing that thing outside our home. Time for declutter!

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