Get Our Declutter Guide on Your Kindle!

Both Michelle and I are very excited that along with the super duper new low price on our Declutter Guide, you can also pick it up your own copy of the Declutter Guide for your Kindle, iPad or other tablet device via Amazon. Now there is no excuse for not getting organized!

So far the reaction has been great and we are excited that we are able to get this handy guide out so it can help even more people. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, or know someone who could use it, be sure to check it out here,

If you are outside the US, simply do a search for 31 Days to Declutter on your local Amazon site and you should be able to quickly find it. With this new Amazon option available, you can now send it as a gift to a friend, relative or anyone else you know in need of a bit of clutter help.

Also, if you already have a copy, we would really appreciate you leaving us a review on Amazon so others have an idea of what to expect! Currently we are only accepting 4 and 5 star reviews, but we will update you if that policy changes 8′].

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us!



4 Responses to The Definitive Guide to Decluttering, Now For Your Kindle or iPad!

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  2. […] Days to Declutter  Blog and e-book/PDF with more tips and […]

  3. HB says:

    To whom it concerns:
    I am “wowed away” by the statement above; “we are currently only accepting 4&5 star reviews”
    If that is how Internet reviews work, I had no idea!!!!
    How weighted & deceiving is that?!?
    ‘Got to rate that policy ZERO STARS!!!!

  4. Sorry if my effort at humour offended you so severely Heather. I thought the little happy face after the comment would help people understand I was having fun.

    I have no control over how anyone actually rates the guide, if you feel the need to provide the guide zero stars have at it. Obviously I can’t make everyone happy which makes me often wonder why I try?