How is your January going?  Have you been able to accomplish any goals?  Are you feeling happy about a particular place in your house?

This evening I sit down at my desk and feel fairly satisfied that I’ve been getting some things done.  I still have a mountain of work to do, but I’m tackling it a bit at a time.  Last week it was getting some of that accounting done and brought up to date…and there were some photos to scan and categorize…oh, and I had to set up my new phone.  All of this is getting me closer to being organized and reducing the clutter on my desk.

This upcoming week…well, more accounting, but I think I will dust off those records (I mean LP’s) sitting under my desk and see if there is any real value in me keeping them.  Don’t I have all these songs in MP3 anyway?  Time to check and clear those things out!!

We’re mid way into January, so keep up your good work!

4 Responses to January Momentum

  1. Antoinette says:

    I’ve done my linen cupboard and started the office. I did a revamp of the kitchen and have gained more bench space. Our 19 yo twins came back from holiday and walked into the kitchen and wondered if we had been robbed LOL.

  2. Karen Biko says:

    Thats Awesome! You’ve got to be real proud of yourself for that one!! Keep up the good work!

  3. carol says:

    after the floods in thailand, we got have our car fixed, out fence and walls washed,my things put back from higher places this month. tho with the help from hired help, this really relieves the mind.

  4. di says:

    Keep it simple. Create a list of necessities and change behaviors:

    Replace an entire office and all media with a handheld computer – work anywhere anytime.

    Living room: Couch, chair, floor lamp
    Kitchen: One set pots / dishes / utensils
    Bedroom: Bed, pillow, 2 sheets, blanket, quilt, floor lamp
    Wardrobe: 7 outfits, sweater, hooded jacket, gloves, tote bag
    Bathroom: 3 towels, one cosmetic bag

    Use a daybed / sofabed to sleep, study, dine and entertain.

    A separate bedroom, office, dining room and living room may not be needed.

    Store items in baskets beneath furniture.
    Vertical storage is claustrophobic and cluttering.

    Bureaus, closets, shelving, cupboards and tables may not be needed.

    Take good care of your possessions and pass them on to others.