If you’ve been following the 31 Day Challenge.  You should be able to sit back and smile at your accomplishment!  Take time to enjoy your new space and reward yourself for a job well done.

But don’t give up on this site yet.  We have more things coming for you.  Stay tuned as we offer up tips to organizing areas of your home, cleaning tips and tricks, and don’t forget how to pull together a great garage sale.

I will also be giving you a look at the pile of stuff that left my house.  In retrospect it would have been great to have counted the containers of recycle, and bags of garbage that went out too.  Maybe we will save that for if we ever do a big declutter challenge in a client’s home….

Also keep tuned for the e-book of 31 Days to Declutter Your Home.  We’ve been working feverishly on it.  To be published before the end of June…so watch for it!

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