Our goal for this first weekend is to clear out that storage room and or dumping room that has been collecting so much stuff.  The great thing about starting in this room is that much of the stuff dropped in here hasn’t been used for quite a long time.  It could be very easy to make those decisions about what stays and what goes.

The other great thing about starting here is it will free up some space to store things you want to keep; things lurking in other rooms we will get to this month.  There will be things that you need to keep, but you just don’t use…place those in the hard-to-reach places.  Keep things that you use often handy.

So take a good look around the room.  I have a bread maker I haven’t used for about 5 years…maybe longer.  Will I use it again?  Not likely – get rid of it!  Let your voice of reason reign while you are going through things.  Are you keeping stuff just for the sake of keeping them?  I have a box of candles.  Will I use them?  Maybe in my lifetime, but do I really need them all now?  Can I gift them, maybe, but will I think about doing it or will I simply just go and buy the gift I need when the time comes.  Keep in mind you want to empty this space of things you don’t need.

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