Seeing the results from your hard work is a good way to keep you motivated.  The difference in my home office is amazing.  Where did all the stuff go???


Seeing results like this can keep you motivated.  A couple of days hard work and anything can be accomplished.  There were times when I sat in despair amid the chaos.  Now I can hardly wait to get back in there and continue painting!!

2 Responses to Seeing Organized Results

  1. Toni Head says:

    Way to go, Karen. Get in there and make and sell art! you ar an inspiration. I did manage to purge some stuff and had a garage sale. What didn’t sell, I will donate to the SPCA/animal shleter. Our neighbour just got a puppy. A Siberian husky and he is so cute! My dad had one for a long time, you may recall. Bo was his name.

    have a great day, Karen. I see teh blue burst painting leaning against your studio wall. Gee…I am hopeful that I didn’t offend you with my comment that you should work into this more. Emails are limiting…
    Sorry if I did.

  2. Karen Biko says:

    Hey, thanks Toni…you’ve got a good eye. You spied the blue burst painting in the studio. Don’t you worry about offending me…you voted on my side that it wasn’t done. So I made a second one (that’s the one you spied) and I’m working into it. Now that my studio is tidy, I should be able to continue with it.

    I wonder if you spied any of your dad’s things in my studio….there are a few treasures on display…