The initial reason I started the Declutter Challenge was to work through my house at a reasonable pace and to write about it to help people.  But I was also helping me keep to the challenge of decluttering my house.

This can work for other people.  Go ahead and start your own blog about your journey.  The more we show each other what we can do, the better off we all are.  The 31 Days to Declutter may not be the best way for you to go about decluttering your house.  It’s a guideline and a bunch of tips to help you and motivate you.  Make sure you work on a schedule that goes well with your life, and celebrate your accomplishments.

I recieved a comment from this one person who is working through decluttering her life.  She has found useful ways for her and her husband to deal with the garbage and recycling, and found new and updated uses for furniture she already had.  Go and see what she is doing.  I will certainly be keeping my eye on her.

Declutter Diary

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  1. Thank you for the lovely write up! Inspired me to keep going, especially now I know someone is keeping an eye on me! 😉

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