Although we’ve already gone through the 31 days to declutter, it is now available for you to start on your own.    We’ve created pages for each of the sections of the Declutter Challenge.  Each section will link you directly to the post for each particular day.  We have broken it down into five weeks, plus some preparation posts.  On the left side of this post you will find them all listed.

The important thing to remember is that the Challenge starts on the weekend.  Whether your ‘weekend’ is a Saturday or not it’s all up to your schedule.  Larger projects are allocated to those weekends, while the smaller jobs are set for the week when you can work on them a little bit at a time.

Your whole life shouldn’t be put on hold just because you’ve decided to join this challenge.  Change is hard enough, and you will have to deal with some tough decisions as you go.  So take the time to go through the challenge one day at a time for the whole 31 days.  Take a break in the middle if you need to.  With our new format you will be able to pick it up again when you have time.

Please make sure you subscribe to the site as we will be continuing add more organization tips and hints.  Please send us your questions, comments, and even some of those before and after pictures.  Sharing with others not only helps them, but it keeps you accountable for the good job you do.

So get ready to deal with all that stuff in your life that is adding to your stress.  Take it nice and easy, one day at a time.

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