I’m very pleased how my pantry turned out.  Despite the fact I think it’s poorly designed, and will likely improve on it sometime later, it actually turned out pretty well.

But this is where my pride ends.  I went through the motions of purging the kitchen, but fell short.  Recently I had done a bit of a clean up and decluttering of my cupboards, so I figured I didn’t really need to do a full purge.  I was wrong.  It occurred to me as I went to take an after picture of my “Tupperware Cupboard”.  Looking through the viewfinder of the camera I realized I still had too many of those silly plastic containers.  I had hardly purged anything, I just straightened them up.  How could I show others how to be strong and purge if I only did half the job myself?

So by posting this decluttering challenge on the Web I need to be accountable for the job I do myself.  So I will do a second go-round on the kitchen and keep you updated on my improvements as I continue my purging of things.  It just goes to show you, even when you are determined, sometimes you can still fall down a bit.

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