I’m breaking down this weeks’ areas so I can do a bit each day.  After all, there is still life to live, and things that need to get done.  So Tuesday I worked on the front entrance.  That includes the closet.  For the last few years I’ve stored games on the top shelf because I really didn’t know where to keep things like this.  Putting the games in with the rest of the kids toys ends up a disaster as they take them apart and use the bits for dolls and things like that.  Fortunately now I have space in my storage room.  So I got rid of games that I know we will never play again, and moved the rest to a shelf in the basement.  Now the kids can get to them when they want to play a game, and they have a tidy place to put them back when they are done (if they ever do that).

I think my husband collects coats.  So we went through them together and made some decisions about what was worth keeping and what could go.  Then we took all the winter coats (cleaned out the pockets) and moved them down to the guest room closet.  We found a box to hold all the boots, and I’ve found a place to keep the kids coats (and then it snowed!!).

Today I’ve tackled the Laundry room.  I got one of my kids to crawl behind the machines and clear out anything that has fallen behind, and guess what…I found some socks!  Fancy that!

I keep all our medicine and things like that in this room so I went through them to check the expiry dates…no wonder half these things don’t make me feel better when I’m sick.  I found some things that expired in 2003 – good riddance!

My husband went down to my storage room today and he said it ‘scares him’…I think because it so clean.  It’s a pleasure to walk in there.

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