This week is your time to work on these partial rooms. Take an evening and you could probably tackle a couple of them.

Front Entrance – This is the place where there should be very little clutter. Take a look in that front closet. What’s in there? Is it time to go through that multitude of coats and get rid of the ones that are damaged, out of style, or you just don’t wear? Is there another place in your house that you can keep out of season coats? Your front entrance is a place of invitation, it would be great to be able to hang up your guest’s jackets.

Mudroom – Think of this space as a point of entrance and exit for your family. Do not use it to store things that are out of season. Some mudrooms are big, and others are more like a hallway so the space here is very important. You can assign bins for each family member to keep their gear tidy, but if you don’t have the room just clear it out.

Laundry Room – Keep in mind the function of this room. Where it’s located in your house may have a big impact on how it is used. If you are in the basement, is it lost in your storage room, does that mean you already purged it?? Many laundry areas are on the main floor or upper floor. First deal with all the items that are laundry related. Recycle those old used bottles of detergent. Look behind both machines to retrieve things that have fallen behind.

Hallways – Not to be used for storage, but it happens sometimes when we don’t know where to put things. Go through and clear them out! Having junk in your hallways is a safety issue, so be diligent empty them. Hallways are also great places to hang artwork. If you have pictures you’ve been meaning to hang, take the time to do it now.

2 Responses to DAY 4 – The Next Tasks

  1. liz says:

    I’ve just found your website – thanks! I’ve spent a few “extra” hours recently on decluttering storage spaces, but tomorrow and the next day I’m going to do the front entryway. I’m excited to move on to a space that others will actually see and notice. It’s great to feel organized behind-the-scenes, but really I’m the only one who knows how much craft stuff and how many bath products we’ve gotten rid of. I expect the front room purge to feel extra rewarding. Thanks again.

  2. Great to hear from you Liz!

    Storage rooms are the bane of us declutterer’s, but once they are done it feels so good. It’s when you can finally start working on the highly visible areas that really help you out though, because the feedback you get from other people just helps reinforce you’re on the right track. And it sounds like YOU are on the right track, so congratulations!