So, this is pretty cool. I’m sitting at my art sale down town using an iPhone app to blog about decluttering. Love this technology! Today is the day that you should be dealing with those ‘Deal With’ items. You’ve had a bit of time to think about the stuff in that box (or boxes?). Are there a few things you can now let go of?

I went ahead and dumped a bunch of preserves that were questionable. But I also found some blackberry jam…I had some of that on my toast this morning. Yummm

Some of the things that might show up in your ‘Deal With’ box are collections of items that may need a more detailed sort. Maybe papers or pictures that you can organize while you relax in front of the TV, if you can do some of these things today, but don’t quite finish emptying your “Deal With” box(es), leave your items in there and you will add to them in your next stage of your declutter.

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