Use the same sorting techniques we’ve used through the whole 31 Day Challenge.  Sort things into garbage, donate, recycle, and Deal With.

Areas in the garage should be set up as zones.  Set up different areas to house different items.  If you have a shed perhaps that is where all the gardening tools go, or the sports/play things.  In your garage you might have different areas.

  • Tools
  • Automotive
  • Gardening (if you don’t have a shed)
  • Recycling
  • Storage

If you have things that don’t fit into one of these designated ‘zones’ then really think about it and decide if it should actually be in the garage.  Items like paint or other liquids may be damaged if they have been in the garage all winter (depending on how cold it gets where you are).

If you have storage shelves in your garage, here are some tips.  Do not store heavy items on the top shelf.  Not only can this unbalance the unit, but it could be a safety issue to get it back down when you need it.  Keep items that you use often in the middle shelves so you can get to them quickly.  Heavy items should be stored on the bottom shelf.

Organizing Tip: A good idea is to keep an empty bin in the garage for things you are getting rid of.  This is handy for keeping your house clear of clutter.  Place things in this bin that you are continuing to purge out of your house.  When the bin is full, you have one of those ‘deal with it’ days to get it emptied.

This is the last big area that requires your attention, so keep pushing through the challenge and soon you will be feeling the benefits of all your hard work!

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