At this point in the Declutter Challenge you have hit every room in your house.  The cleaning and purging of unneeded items has left your house with a new, tidy feeling.  Today you still need to work on those ‘Deal With’ boxes.  Make some of those decisions today, but that is not all.

Take a walk around your house.  Are there spots that have missed out on your declutter?  A drawer here, or a bookcase there.  Are there areas in your house where you didn’t actually clear out as good as you could have?  Take some time to go over some of these places and finish these little spaces up.  Walk room by room and check to see if you’ve missed something.

This weekend is the last stage of the 31 Days to Declutter Your House Challenge.  We will be getting into that garage and/or garden shed.  Prepare for that today.  The last push to purge!

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