Now that your room is a sanctuary of calmness and you feel good about your decluttering it’s time to spread that to any other bedrooms in your house.  Yes, that means the kids or the guest room.

If you don’t have one of these rooms you could start getting ready for the weekend project on how to organize your home, or you can relax.  The rest of us who have to wade through a sea of toys in those kids rooms…time to get to work!

Keep this in mind.  I love my kids.  I love them so much that I want them to have everything, but when they have too much stuff I’m just hurting them.  How can they possibly get any quality play out of so many toys.  Children feel frustrated when they can’t find the one toy they want to play with at that moment.  So how do you deal with it?

  • You can take some toys away.  I know that sounds nasty, but take a look at the toys that they play with the least.  If it’s something really great that you think they might want to play with again, you can put it in a box.  It’s not a bad thing to have a box of toys that the kids don’t have for a while.  Then in a few months you can switch it out with something else.  It’s like getting a brand-new toy.
  • Make sure you have easy ways for children to put things away.  Don’t make the sorting and organizing too tough, or they will leave everything out and then it’s a struggle to get them to tidy up.  Bins work really well, especially if they don’t have to open a lid to put something away.
  • Get your kids to work with you in their room.  Get their buy-in.  I used to love the days when my Mom would help me organize my room.  In fact, my father just told me the other day that I’m still the same little girl…but instead of my Mom helping me declutter my house, I’ve invited the world!!
  • Suggest that they choose some toys to sell in a garage sale.  Kids love doing this, but BEWARE – do not let them take the money they make and start visiting other neighborhood garage sales…I found out the hard way that they come home with more and bigger junk (some people give these eager shoppers free toys!!)  Reward them by taking them to a toy store where they can use the money they made from selling many things to buy one toy or movie.
  • If you are dealing with a teenager, that is a whole other ballgame you are playing.  Perhaps a rewarding trip to the mall to get a new outfit.  You need to decide what kind of currency will work well to give them incentive.
  • Starting with the clothing will help get them in the mood.  Have a fashion show.  Make it fun and put some music on.  But don’t make them try absolutely everything on…they will quickly tire of that.  Get rid of clothes that are soiled or need mending; by the time you deal with it they will have grown out of it.
  • The hardest part will be to go through all the other stuff they feel they need to keep.  You will be the one to ask they questions to help them decide.  “Do you really love this…When is the last time you used this…”

I know that I’ve set this task for the week, and if your kids are anything like mine it will take longer than the evenings after school for them to do this.  So try breaking it down into little chunks for them to work at.  There is no reason why they cannot continue to work on their rooms (with your supervision) on the weekend when you are working on the next stages of the declutter.

Good Luck!!

If you have any of your own hints or suggestions on how to organize you kid’s room, please feel free to post in our comments section.  (click on the word comment at the top of this post)

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