We pulled three green garbage bags of clothes out of our closet.  The majority of the clothing items belonged to Bill, but I was able to let go of a few pieces that I’ve been holding on to…but never wear (goodbye beautiful Alfred Sung pleated skirt….).

Regardless of what we got rid of Bill still has quite a bit of clothing.  Today I count 14 pairs of shorts, 12 white t-shirts, and 35 t-shirts total.  Room for improvement?  Of course, but I’m pretty satisfied with what has gone out so far.  That’s the difference between deciding if it’s worth pushing him some more, or being content with good enough.

Decluttering is just the first stage of living organized.  Once you’ve done the big cleanup then it will be easier to see what is left that needs work.

2 Responses to DAY 16 – Bags of Clothes

  1. Patty Chamberlain says:

    I just finally got rid of two garbage bags of clothes today. They have been sitting in the back of my van for at least a week. I had filled them about two weeks ago just going through mine and my husbands dresser drawers. I am so behind right now on decluttering my home. Ugh! There has been other things I have been spending my time on. I really need to get back to it. I think I totally missed last weeks postings. I hope I can get my momentum back.

  2. Karen Biko says:

    Ah, Patty… but doesn’t it feel good to get rid of those two bags!! Don’t worry about being behind, just think of how you feel about those two bags going out…phew! Now the next step…one at a time gets you there, and celebrate those accomplishments.