It’s great to get rid of all that clutter in my house and starting to live more organized, but I’ve come across a problem.

Where I am (Calgary) has a great blue-bin recycling program.  They’ve just put it out within the last year.  It takes the hassle out of sorting and wondering what you can recycle.  I’m a big believer in it.

This week I realized that I’ve decluttered so much, my bin is over full.  I’m sure many of you are running into the same problem as your organize your home. Generally I run out on recycle mornings and spread it around through neighbor’s bins…but not this week.  It is interesting to see that many of my neighbors who are doing the declutter challenge with me have full bins as well.  So not really a problem but I just have to either be more patient, or load it all to go to the recycle depots.

So for the full bins on my street… good job… keep ’em going.

If you haven’t seen how this all works it’s called a Single Stream Recycling System.  I found a video that describes it pretty well.

Single Stream Recycling

Having a great recycling program where you live can really help you get organized!

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