I hope that your decluttering is going well.  Please feel free to comment and let us all know how you are doing and if you are starting to feel as if you are living organized yet.  There is a comment section for each post.  So feel free to share and if you have any organization tips you would like to share that would be fantastic.

The next three days it is time to start organizing your bathrooms.  You know, underneath those sinks that get so cluttered with stuff.  This may be a very simple job for you to organize.  It is certainly something that you can do a little bit each day.

Going through your medicines and disposing of expired products can make a huge difference.  You can take expired medicines to any Pharmacy to dispose of correctly.

In addition to bathrooms you will deal with organizing your linen closet.  Here are a couple of organizing tips for you to reduce what your store in that closet.

  • Put your sheet sets together by folding them and slipping them into one of the pillow cases.
  • Keep the sheet sets for each room in that room.  Most bedroom closets have that under-utilized top shelf.  Why not keep the sheets handy there.
  • Store the towels for each of the bathrooms in the cabinet under the sink.  Works very well for kid’s bathrooms then they can use those towels instead of getting into your good ones.

We will keep adding little organizing tips throughout the challenge.  If you have your own tricks to organize your home, please let us know!

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2 Responses to DAY 11 – The Next Three Days of Organizing Your Home

  1. Jodie Godwin says:

    Okay. The 31 day challenge is gonna take me 64 – at least. Life is just too busily happening NOW and every day. And that’s the TRUTH!

  2. Kathy Haskey says:

    I hear you! I’m still working on finishing the kitchen!!