Monday Monday!  What is sitting in your ‘Deal With’ box?  Is there still other stuff that you haven’t dealt with from last week?

What’s waiting for me in my ‘Deal With’ box?

  • I have a whole bunch of jars of Jam I made last year.  But I need to label them (I design the labels on the computer, but haven’t attached them).
  • There is a little pot with some seeds I was supposed to plant with my girls
  • Our old Monopoly game’s box is totally trashed, so I need to see if I can repair it some how.
  • I still haven’t taken that cat food in.
  • I have these two little cat hooks that I think are really neat, but not sure that should keep them.  I just haven’t found the right place to use them.
  • I have a bag of food for the foodbank.
  • A package of pool cue tips I’ve been meaning to give to a neighbor.

So those are just some of the little things that I have to do today.  Will I get them done?  Well, I’ve got all day to figure that out.  So between that and getting some office work completed I have a fairly busy Monday.

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