I write to you humbly to apologize for my lack of attention to the 31 Days to Declutter readers.  I have been focusing my energies on my Art Work, and have let this slide.  The reprecussions of this is that it is now time for me to do more decluttering.  It’s amazing to me how much stuff I can accumulate over such a short time!!  Part of it is that as an Artist, I am continually finding new things to do art with, and interesting projects to start….Art is Everywhere!

I recently started teaching art classes to children, so this has had a huge effect on the clutter that ends up in my house…now I’m saving toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, lids, bottles, cardboard, and a mess of other things.  I am even using Facebook to scrounge items for some of my classes…still looking for overhead fan blades.

With some pushing from my husband, who is awesome in so many ways, he urged me to get on the site, and get back into this.  Maybe his ulterior motive is that he is getting tired of the clutter.  That is not to saythat I haven’t been getting rid of things – I have, but feeling like I’m not making any headway.

We also have another goal.  We have decided to make a pretty big move from our current home, and need to purge to get ready for this.  Our intent is to move down to Costa Rica in the next couple of years, so all this STUFF cannot go with us.    This is a big move for us, exciting and scary….but also a great chance to let go of all the things that I still hold on to and have not purged yet.  So I will be starting a journey to get rid of the things I know we cannot take join me, and I will reveal my processes along the way.


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