Freezer – Fridge – Kitchen

I’ve listed the Fridge and Freezer separate from the kitchen at this point because in the kitchen you must start with these.  We’ve included a PDF file with a list of food expiry dates at the bottom of this post.  Please just get rid of the out-dated food because it is not worth risking the health of yourself or your family.  As you are going through these appliances you will likely find dishes that need to be cleaned out.  This should be done before you start the cupboard part of your kitchen.

Make sure you have a couple of garbage bags for this, because food and freezer items can get really heavy.  Start with the fridge.  Read the labels on the salad dressing and yogurt.   Creating space in the fridge gives you the room to store any of the freezer items you intend to keep.  Then you can defrost the freezer while it’s empty, and the food won’t thaw out and spoil.

Organizing Tip – I’ve claimed certain shelves within the fridge as the cheese drawer, meat drawer, left-overs area.  In the freezer there is one area that is exclusively for bread items.  -MK

Then it will be time to tackle the kitchen.  Before you start going through cupboards and clearing the counter I want you to take a step back and look at how your kitchen operates.  When you moved in your house, you may have just put your dishes away quickly without doing any planning.  The items that can’t move are your main appliances.  Think about the relationships between your dishes, food, and how you work in the kitchen.

Fridge – what needs to be close to it…glasses?

Stove – keep the pots and pans close, spices, stirring utensils, oven mits…what are the most important things to keep by?

Dishwasher – Where are your dishes?  Which ones should be closer?  In most dishwashers the utensil tray is removable.  So you don’t need to keep the knives and forks close.

Sink – okay, it’s not an appliance, but it fits into a zone of your kitchen, like cleaning or prep.  Should tea-towels be close?  Detergent?

Think about these things.  Tomorrow we will post how to tackle those cupboards one by one.

Food Expiry List

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