Here it comes again…that new-year clean up that just gets me going!  Yes, that’s the bug that has me dashing around the house and putting things away so that I have a nice clean house to start the new year.  Coming back from a Christmas trip has left me with little time to do my big cleanup, so this year I’ve decided to tackle a couple of places that have gotten out of hand.

The first one…is that storage room.  Yep, the first room that we tackle on the 31 days to declutter has become another dumping ground for me.  Time to dive in again and get rid of the things I just couldn’t manage to get rid of last time.

The second one for me is the garage.  Huh, funny that it’s the last room we tackle in the 31 days to declutter.  Is there a reason for this?  Do these two places become the catch all for everything I don’t know what to do with for the year.  Well that might be part of the problem, but I’m also wanting to re-purpose the garage a bit.  Time to get rid of the items I’m storing and set up a bit more studio space for myself (a place to create huge canvases that I can throw paint on…now doesn’t that sound like fun).  I can hardly wait to remove the things that I don’t need and use the space for something I’m so passionate about.

Of course I will give the house the good old once-over to be ready for new years…and don’t forget the goals for 2012 that I’ll be planning on New Years Eve…all these things are in the works for me in the next two days.  What are your plans? Are there any things that you want to just get done so you don’t have to deal with them next year.  Share them with us in the comments section…it is always great to get inspiration from others.

Happy New Year To You!

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