I’ve watched a few of those hoarding shows that they show on TV.  It draws you in and sometimes it’s amazing to think that people actually live with that much clutter in their lives.  These are generally extreme cases and take a lot of work to not only clean up the clutter, but deal with the issues that the hoarder has.

I don’t like waste, and that is one of the things that puts me into the category of hoarder.  I feel that someone might be able to use it and I don’t like to see stuff go into the garbage that shouldn’t.  Then often I hold on to things in case they “might come in handy”…and sometimes that is very true.  Other times I will hold on to things and not even remember that I have them.  The funniest part is when I actually get rid of stuff and then  all of  a sudden need the thing that I just got rid of.

But that’s life.  I’ve done the garage sale, I’ve donated things to charity, I’ve sold things on Kijiji, and I’ve given things away on Kijiji.  I still have things to remove from my life, and that happens slowly sometimes.  When you are working through the declutter and getting back into organizing your life keep in mind your reasons for doing this…

  • Making my life simpler
  • Cleaning out for Health reasons
  • Looking for something in particular (you’ll find it eventually)
  • Moving to a new location

You may have more reasons to be working through decluttering or organizing your life, keep your eye on them…put them down on paper to hang around the house so you have reminders of what you are trying to accomplish.

And DON’T forget to reward yourself.  When you have completed something, take some time to pat yourself on the back.

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