Learning to be organized doesn’t start and end with you. Although sometimes organizing your home does feel like it may be the end for you! The next step in an organized home is to teach the children in your family how to be organized as well.

Every day the kids are off to school and busy learning to read, write and work on their arithmetic.  These are just some of the important skills they learn every school day, but unfortunately they miss out on a few important life skills, like being organized.

As a parent it is your responsibility to teach them some of these other life skills.  It’s actually on page three, sub-section four of the children’s owner’s manual, but so few people ever read the manuals these days it was probably overlooked by many of you!  The manual also covers some of the other important skills such as being a good person, how to help others, how to deal with tough situations, how to clean, and even how to look after themselves.  Many of these skills involve teaching them how to be organized.  Not an easy thing if you are not organized yourself.

By having your children help you with the decluttering process it can be a real learning experience for them too.  Not just when it comes to decluttering their own rooms, but when they see what you have accomplished around the entire house.

My kids are so excited about the results of organizing our house I keep finding them playing in an area that I’ve just decluttered.  It’s like a new playspace to them! -KB

So keep up the work, try and get them involved when you can and set a great example.  They are following your lead after all and giving them the skills to deal with clutter and making appropriate choices will follow them throughout their life.

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