The great part of having set up this site is some of the feedback I receive from friends, subscribers, and even occasional readers. The tips you keep sending are phenomenal and help make this endeavor worthwhile. So to get on to today’s idea here we go!

Today’s organizational/declutter your home tip came to me from a friend who was talking to me about the 31 Days to Declutter and how he has stared to use an event to help reduce his buildup of “collectible” items…..  So here I am passing it on to you.

If you celebrate Lent, you are probably very aware it starts today.  Now traditionally Lent is a Christian holiday, but it doesn’t matter what belief system you may have for you to follow this.  If you’re curious about Lent, it is the time when Christians prepare for Easter and is a forty day period leading up to Easter itself.  It is supposed to be a period of time where Christians reflect on what they have done wrong.  Again though, you don’t have to be Christian to follow this tip, I’m just providing some background.

What my friend is doing is for every day of Lent is choosing five things to remove form of house.  It could be clothing, or books, or anything that simply doesn’t belong or has surpassed it’s usefuleness.  So if you are planning to start the 31 Days to Declutter, but want to have a head start, this could just be what you need.

It’s always fun to try different things to get yourself motivated.  Let us know if you will participate in the Lent purge and if possible send us a picture of the first five things you are letting go of!

So for this first day of Lent I’m getting rid of the following…

  1. Body suit that doesn’t fit my daughter
  2. A schwhack of nasty ziplock containers (I think they multiply in the cupboard)
  3. A teddy-bear jar
  4. A Supertramp CD (ripped onto my computer)
  5. the socks I wore today with the big hole in the heel…(is that cheating?)

6 Responses to An Idea From a Reader

  1. Shar says:

    Thank you for this. I am trying to de clutter years worth of papers. I have made very good progress, having gradually shredded and thrown out about 10- 14 lever arch worth of paperwork over a few months. In Nov 2008 simultaneous with a kitchen renovation my spare room was piled to ceiling with furniture pulled out of a late in law’s house. It was not a room then, by any means!

    Now it’s much better, all surplus furniture gone and paper work being managed. The emotional side of it is tripping me up though, and I need to be somebody else and walk in there! how do I switch my mindset to objective when so many emotions are bound up in my papers? [i write poetry about past experiences, some sad some not so].

  2. Karen Biko says:

    Shar, it sounds like you are well on your way and have dealt with much of the stuff taking up room in your house. It is difficult dealing with things when you have an emotional attachment to it. If it’s papers, then you have an easy solution right in front of you. Your computer. You can scan in your poetry or type it into your computer. I actually did quite a bit of poetry writing myself (good way to express strong emotion), and I’ve entered all of it into the computer. The nice thing is that I’m able to put images with the poetry if I want, or even make it into a mini computer book with images and nice fonts. Some of my poetry I’ve even published on a blog where I just write about what I feel like.

  3. Crystal says:

    I like Karen Biko’s idea but it you don’t have a scanner or want to input them into your computer, you could put them into a scrapbook & place them in chronological order or whatever order that works for you.

  4. Karen Biko says:

    You are absolutely right. I do love scrapbooking, it’s a beautiful artistic way to preserve memories and photos. The trick is finding out what works best for you and your lifestyle. Enjoy!

  5. fihadforever says:

    just a tip – once you’ve put special things like pics and poetry you’ve written, etc, on the computer, be sure to have it copied to a cd or thumbdrive or external hard drive, as my husband works on computers and have seen him be able to save everything when someone’s computer crashes, but have also seen where people have lost a lot of precious memories as they had nothing backed up or saved on another source.
    Happy memory making!!

  6. admin says:

    More great reader ideas, you definitely don’t want to lose pictures off computers as most are irreplaceable.