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We’ve entered the digital age.  People post pictures on Facebook, on blogs, and can stream them through their TVs.  Getting all of your media on the computer not only gets it all in one place, but there are many ways you can keep it all organized.  Many programs are available to help organize photos on […]

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Spice Shelves

On May 8, 2010 By

Now that I’ve done some of my cleanup I thought I should post a picture of the spice shelves that we installed.  It’s really great not having to empty the cupboard to find that certain spice, or even something as simple as olive oil or garlic.  It’s all right here.

I used my label printer […]

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A great little tool that I have used for years is a hand-held label printer.  My husband bought it for me and at the time I thought “what do I need this for?”.   But that little machine has been just fantastic.  It’s not just any label machine, it has these great labels that even will […]

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