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New Year Cleanup

On January 1, 2012 By

Here it comes again…that new-year clean up that just gets me going!  Yes, that’s the bug that has me dashing around the house and putting things away so that I have a nice clean house to start the new year.  Coming back from a Christmas trip has left me with little time to do my […]

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An Idea From a Reader

On March 9, 2011 By

The great part of having set up this site is some of the feedback I receive from friends, subscribers, and even occasional readers. The tips you keep sending are phenomenal and help make this endeavor worthwhile. So to get on to today’s idea here we go!

Today’s organizational/declutter your home tip came to me from […]

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Book is Almost Ready

On November 25, 2010 By

A quick update for all you Declutter fans…

The 31 Days to Declutter book is almost ready.  We’ve been writing like fiends, updating information, and adding new strategies to help you Declutter.

Included are some fun projects to help you get organized.

So keep your eye on our site.  We should be launching it soon!


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Getting Motivated to Clean up

On September 19, 2010 By

I’ve watched a few of those hoarding shows that they show on TV.  It draws you in and sometimes it’s amazing to think that people actually live with that much clutter in their lives.  These are generally extreme cases and take a lot of work to not only clean up the clutter, but deal with […]

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It’s difficult to keep going when you feel that you’ve come so far and done so much.  Tough choices have been made but you still have so much to do.  I hope that some of this will motivate you.

Three great big, over-flowing bins of paper have been removed from […]

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Learning to be organized doesn’t start and end with you. Although sometimes organizing your home does feel like it may be the end for you! The next step in an organized home is to teach the children in your family how to be organized as well.

Every day the kids are off to school and […]

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When you are organizing your home, one of the most daunting rooms to start organizing can be the kitchen. Don’t fret though, with these organizing tips, we can help you start to declutter your kitchen now.

The way your kitchen is set up is not necessarily how your kitchen should be set up.  Do something […]

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