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Get Organized To Start The School Year

I’m sure anyone with children knows the end of August and beginning of September start to become a blur. Between picking up the back to school items that are needed, to figuring out schedules, setting up playdates with new friends, after school events, it goes on and on!

At […]

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Get Our Declutter Guide on Your Kindle!

Both Michelle and I are very excited that along with the super duper new low price on our Declutter Guide, you can also pick it up your own copy of the Declutter Guide for your Kindle, iPad or other tablet device via Amazon. Now there is no excuse […]

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The final edits are done and Michelle and I are are excited to announce our book is finally complete. To celebrate the launch and to thank all of our fans, we are introducing the book at a special discounted price. Just click on the book picture below to find out what this special price is […]

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You Can Subscribe Just to The Top Left of the Page

Michelle and I cannot believe it. We are in the final stages of having the last minute edits done, the final touchups and all the little tweaks that need to be completed. We’ve put together the video above just to […]

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It’s great to get rid of all that clutter in my house and starting to live more organized, but I’ve come across a problem.

Where I am (Calgary) has a great blue-bin recycling program.  They’ve just put it out within the last year.  It takes the hassle out of sorting and wondering what you can […]

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More organizing tips for bathrooms

Lotions, creams, and some soaps will turn with age.  Check them out before you decide to keep them or not. Tossing old items will help reduce clutter immediately.

The best place to store your extra rolls of toilet paper are under the sink, away from the toilet.

My favorite cleaner […]

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On May 11, 2010 By

One of the things I realized as I went through and sorted out my pantry was how much of some items I had.  There are about six packages of lasagna noodles in my pantry.  Have I ever even made lasagna!?  I found wrapped up cans of tuna that I bought at Costco that hadn’t even […]

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